Weber's Superior Root Beer Fundraising

Fund raising opportunities exist through the sale of Weber's Superior root Beer in 12 oz. plastic amber bottles. Weber's is a unique family owned recipe made from 14 natural ingredients and is flavored from birch bark barrels. Not only does Weber's taste good but it's good for you because of all the natural ingredients in our delicious root beer. Weber's was started right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1933. It has been a family operation ever since. We have taken great pride in serving many of you our great tasting root beer for many years.

Weber's Superior Root Beer Company is now offering our root beer to fundraising groups such as yours. Weber's Superior root beer will come in 12 oz. bottles packed 24 per case. Your group will be provided order forms so they may take orders for the root beer. Your group will sell the root beer for $20.00 per case and can keep $10.00 per case for each one that it sells. This will be fun, easy, and a very profitable way for your group to raise money.

Please contact Jennifer Bilby at the original Weber's Superior Root Beer stand at (918) 742-1082. We look forward to working with your group.